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Bolbec, France

Oril Industrie is one of the two full cGMP chemical production sites of Servier’s contract development and manufacturing network, located in Bolbec (Normandy), between Le Havre and Paris. The Bolbec facility specializes in intermediates and APIs development, production and distribution. Industrial R&D and the production units are at the same location, providing flexibility and efficient processes.

Products & Services

Clinical Supply
Process Development
Analytical Services
Drug Substance
Supply Chain
InnoPreP™ preparative chromatography

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Our highly experienced team optimizes processes, and our training and culture is focused on quality, performance, and environmental, health and safety excellence. Our quality expertise and regulatory support are fully integrated into operations across raw materials supply, manufacturing and distribution, providing a fully compliant GMP environment.

Our clients benefit from customized service and support for each stage of the project. We have the manufacturing capacity for your project and a dedicated team to help you.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom synthesis
  • Chemical & Analytical development
  • High pressure preparative liquid chromatography
  • Catalytic hydrogenation
  • Identification of pharmaceutical impurities
  • Clinical batches
  • Crystallization
  • HPAPI’s handling
  • Process safety assessment
  • Flow chemistry process development
  • Distribution into 148 countries
  • InnoPreP™ preparative chromatography

Key Equipment


  • Pilot: 8L to 2,000L
  • Production: 1,200L to 10,000L reactors


  • Closed filter dryers up to 5m diameter
  • Centrifuge up to 0.8m diameter


  • Tray dryers with isolators
  • Ventilated dryers


  • Hydrogenators up to 2,500L
  • Wide range of temperature (up to 300° C) and pressure (up to 210 bar)

High-pressure preparative liquid chromatography:

  • 200mm and 450mm diameter columns

Solid transformation:

  • Grinder and miller
  • Impact / jet mill (pilot scale)
  • Freeze-drying


  • Distillation units up to 3,000L and 45 plates

Facilities Capabilities


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