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Meeting the Need for Higher Containment

by Suzanne Greene

Pharma’s Almanac Q3 2019

With the addition of OEB level 5 drug product manufacturing capabilities at its Arklow, Ireland site, Servier is positioned to provide high-containment contract services for commercial production.

Meeting the Need for Higher Containment

Pharma’s Almanac Q3 2019

With the addition of OEB level 5 drug product manufacturing capabilities at its Arklow, Ireland site, Servier is positioned to provide high-containment contract services for commercial production.

Revisiting the Global Serialization Landscape

Serialization continues to be one of the most pressing issues in the industry. Following an internationally recognized mandate to implement a system of track and trace into the supply chain, countries established their own best practices to ensure compliance on national levels. However, these differing regulatory requirements have created confusion in the industry on an international scale. Countries have been pressured to change their operations and bring on staff with new areas of expertise in order to meet specific standards within a short period of time.

Aligning the Outsourcing Relationship

As outsourcing to pharmaceutical contract service providers increases, aligning the goals of sponsors and suppliers has become increasingly important. Servier, through its contract manufacturing division, is responding to this market demand by prioritizing strategic partnerships, our service offering, quality and compliance.

Risk Minimization with an Integrated Global Network

International relationships are evolving rapidly. In this time of constant change and uncertainty, pharmaceutical outsourcing, while still offering many benefits, may also carry added risk — unless the outsourcing partner operates a highly integrated global network, has manufacturing locations in key growth markets and brings decades of experience to the table.

Accelerating Time to Market with Integrated Preparative Chromatography Support

With reduced purification times, higher target molecule purities and the ability to quickly separate and identify impurities, preparative chromatography can provide a greater understanding of products and processes while reducing time to the clinic and the market.


Reducing Time to Market with Targeted Regulatory Affairs Support

Regulatory affairs activities are essential components of any drug development and commercialization program. CDMOs with extensive experience with product approvals that have regulatory affairs deeply integrated with other operational teams can provide optimized regulatory strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Driver for Improved Sustainability

 The pharmaceutical industry must respond to growing expectations for product safety, the conduct of clinical trials, access to therapeutic care and the environmental impact of medicinal products and manufacturing. Servier Group formalized its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to integrate and communicate the actions it is taking in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Transforming a CDMO Using an Operational Excellence Approach

To improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and environmental impacts and enhance quality assurance, Servier is implementing an operational excellence (OPEX) continuous improvement program. Mini-transformations across multiple sites are enabling the company to provide significant added value to its clients and build greater trust with all stakeholders.


Why Business Continuity Management is Important for CDMOs

Pharma’s Almanac Q1 2018

Members of the pharmaceutical industry have a responsibility to guarantee both the supply of high-quality medicines and the safety of their personnel. Servier has implemented a global business continuity management strategy to reduce the likelihood of incidents and minimize any consequent impact on its operations.

Achieving Efficient Pharmaceutical Synthesis with Process Intensification

Reducing the time, cost and environmental footprint of manufacturing processes continues to be a major driver of technology development. Process intensification for small molecule API production using flow chemistry technologies gives our clients greater opportunities to implement optimum process solutions on the commercial scale.

Russian Pharma Market Offers Great Potential for Local Manufacturers

The Russian market presents new growth opportunities for pharmaceutical companies with manufacturing capabilities within the country. Servier Group is well-positioned to serve the market directly with a wide range of solid oral dose products, while Servier CDMO can support other pharmaceutical companies looking to leverage the growth potential but who lack in-country production facilities.

Serialization: The First Steps in Sales Unit Traceability and Data Management

Pharma’s Almanac Q2 2017

Increasing numbers of countries around the world are requiring some level of unit traceability in the pharmaceutical industry. While initially driven by regulations, the impacts of serialization will be far-reaching. Early adopters that implement a strategy that goes beyond compliance to leverage the vast quantities of newly generated data will be well positioned for success in the digital age.

Servier Offers Quality Service

Interview originally published on 06/04/2017 at Pharma's Almanac

Benefitting from Embedded Quality for End-to-End Success

Interview originally published on 06/04/2017 at Pharma's Almanac

Enhancing Responsiveness with Embedded Flexibility

Pharma’s Almanac Q1 2017

In today’s pharmaceutical marketplace, speed to market is absolutely crucial. CDMOs with built-in flexibility are ideally situated to help drug companies shorten development and commercialization time lines. Flexibility can take many forms — from rapid tech transfer within an internal network to agile manufacturing configurations and use of automation, to the ability to rapidly respond to changing market and customer needs.

Cultivating a Proactive Quality Culture

Preventing patient risk is perhaps the most important goal for any pharmaceutical manufacturer. The quality of a drug substance or product is directly linked to where and how it’s made. As a result of the gravity of production, management must ensure that process variation is eliminated, consistent quality is guaranteed and there are no threats of defects that may potentially harm patients or interrupt supply. To assure quality, Servier takes a holistic approach, bringing people, process and policy together to create an efficient, agile QA/QC culture. 

Evolving Strategic Partnership Models

Pharmaceutical development is growing as the industry gains momentum in response to a broad range of market, regulatory and social trends globally. Advancing science, emerging markets and healthcare models are driving recent innovation and therapeutic success in the pharmaceutical sector, which has become increasingly dependent on partnerships across the supply chain. Collaboration is key to successfully responding to market demand – collaboration between both (bio)pharmaceutical companies and their service providers.

Leveraging Effective Partnering Models

Manufacturing Chemist – September 2016.

Accelerating successful drug development to meet global demand.