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Servier is a global pharmaceutical company that brings 60 years of expertise to its embedded CDMO business.

Servier CDMO - Embedded protection for your molecule

Servier CDMO expands Preparative Chromatography platform at Normandy Site to support market need

by Servier CDMO

The benefit is the speeding up of clinical supply and subsequent manufacture of complex molecules for medicines at commercial scale.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO will be attending EuroPLX N°65 in London from Nov 27-28.

by Stéphane Laurent

Reducing the time, cost and environmental footprint of manufacturing processes continues to be a major driver of technology development. Process intensification for small molecule API production using flow chemistry technologies gives our clients greater opportunities to implement optimum process solutions on the commercial scale.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO will be attending BIO Europe 2017 in Berlin – City Cube from Nov 06-08.

by Servier CDMO

The benefit is the speeding up of clinical supply and subsequent manufacture of complex molecules for medicines at commercial scale.

by Renaud Bessière

The Russian market presents new growth opportunities for pharmaceutical companies with manufacturing capabilities within the country. Servier Group is well-positioned to serve the market directly with a wide range of solid oral dose products, while Servier CDMO can support other pharmaceutical companies looking to leverage the growth potential but who lack in-country production facilities.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO will be attending CphI Worldwide in Messe Frankfurt, Germany from 24 - 26 October 2017.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO will be attending Nordic Life Science Days 2017 in Copenhague from 12th – 14th September.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO will be attending Chemoutsourcing 2017 in New York from 18th – 20th September.

by Michael Kinsella

Pharma’s Almanac Q2 2017

Increasing numbers of countries around the world are requiring some level of unit traceability in the pharmaceutical industry. While initially driven by regulations, the impacts of serialization will be far-reaching. Early adopters that implement a strategy that goes beyond compliance to leverage the vast quantities of newly generated data will be well positioned for success in the digital age.

by Servier CDMO

Servier CDMO has just launched our new website. You can now find out about our Products and Services and our expertise in the development and manufacturing of clinical to commercial drug substance and product. You can also view key information about services and key equipment at each of our manufacturing sites around the world. 

by Gwenaël Servant

Pharma’s Almanac Q1 2017

In today’s pharmaceutical marketplace, speed to market is absolutely crucial. CDMOs with built-in flexibility are ideally situated to help drug companies shorten development and commercialization time lines. Flexibility can take many forms — from rapid tech transfer within an internal network to agile manufacturing configurations and use of automation, to the ability to rapidly respond to changing market and customer needs.

by Phillipe Dartiguelongue

Preventing patient risk is perhaps the most important goal for any pharmaceutical manufacturer. The quality of a drug substance or product is directly linked to where and how it’s made. As a result of the gravity of production, management must ensure that process variation is eliminated, consistent quality is guaranteed and there are no threats of defects that may potentially harm patients or interrupt supply. To assure quality, Servier takes a holistic approach, bringing people, process and policy together to create an efficient, agile QA/QC culture. 

by Servier CDMO

Servier Tianjin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd was registered in 2000. It is situated in the Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area, (TEDA) which is ranked as one of the top economic development zones in China. The site is located 45km from Tianjin and 120km from Beijing.

by Servier CDMO

Servier Brazil has been established for 40 years. We acquired a new industrial facility in 1995, located in Petropolis, about 75km from Rio de Janeiro. The Petropolis site produced sprays for the local market, repacking local production and QC analysis for imported product.

by Servier CDMO

Servier Egypt has two sites, situated a kilometer apart at Acacias and Palmiers, 50km from Cairo.

The Acacias site is dedicated to manufacturing activities — consisting of a complete granulation suite, four compression units and two coating pans — alongside Quality Control, Quality Assurance and IT. The Acacias site was built in 1994 and fully renovated in 2010.

by Servier CDMO

Servier has been present in Morocco since 1970 producing medicines for the Moroccan market initially under license. In 2002, Servier built a pharmaceutical manufacturing site dedicated to dry forms at the Nouasseur science park situated 25km from Casablanca.

by Servier CDMO

Toledo, Spain is located 70km from Madrid. Our Servier CDMO facility has 38 years of experience in fine chemistry, specializing in process development, analytical development and manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes us the most up to date production equipment and control techniques.

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Learn how Servier can help you

You want to protect your molecule – and there’s no better way than by engaging years of know-how, embedded quality, and understanding of your objectives. Servier brings these strengths to the integrated development, manufacturing, packaging and supply chain services for drug substance and drug product. We have 11 facilities worldwide and we have launched more than 50 commercial products. Your product can benefit from our experience and resources.

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