Values & Culture

We are committed to serving patient needs through therapeutic progress. With the help of global healthcare professionals, we strive to create a world for future generations wherein quality healthcare is available and accessible to all.
All of our activity is based on three key principles:

  • Our chief principle is to satisfy the needs of the physicians who prescribe drug products and of the patients who benefit from them
  • Just as importantly, we want our research to contribute to the progress of medicine
  • Our third principle is all the more crucial as it is too often overlooked. It is that every person working for us should find fulfillment through and in what he or she does

Our track record of excellence in contract development and manufacturing is based on this commitment, which we integrate into all of our processes and activities. Our group is independent of financial markets and reinvests 100% of its profits in its own business, including 25% in research and development.

We are customer-focused with a Lean Six Sigma program deployed in all of our 9 manufacturing sites. We are engaged in the economic development of our communities while respecting the environment in all of our operations.

We are an originator, respecting our partners’ intellectual property concerns.

Servier Values

  • High quality standards
  • Financial independence
  • Full reinvestment of profits back into the company
  • As an originator ourselves, we have respect for your IP
  • Flexibility to your unique needs and priorities
  • Economic and environmental care for our communities

Culture of Excellence

  • Lean Six Sigma program deployed across all 9 sites
  • Continuous improvement applied to equipment and processes, resulting in:
    • Increased production yields
    • Reduced cycle times
    • Lower overall costs
    • More available capacity
  • Safety-first approach across our operation mitigates risk
  • Certification by US FDA, EMA, CFDA (China) and ANVISA (Brazil)