Our CSR policy

An original model of corporate responsibility

We are convinced that as a fully independent pharmaceutical company, we have a special responsibility. Our independence allows us to invest for the long-term benefit of patients. We are independent of the short-term vision of the financial markets. It provides us with great opportunities, but also responsibility.

Since Servier was founded, this vision has shaped our corporate behavior and commitment, and is now written into our CSR policy and our governance model.

Our responsibility is to the 100 million patients treated every day by our medicines, but also towards physicians, the health professionals with whom we are working with, our partners, our 22,000 employees and the environment. This economic, social and environmental responsibility is fully part of our CSR implementation actions.

Our CSR policy puts “sustainability and shared values” at the heart of our corporate strategy.


It’s our ambition that Servier is recognized for its positive contribution to economic, social and environmental objectives and contributing to build a better future for everyone.

Our CSR action relies on communication with all the parties involved, externally and internally: patients, health professionals, partners, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, scientific and industrial partners, licensees, associations, public authorities, and civil society in its broadest sense.

That’s why, for our CSR diagnosis, we have been working with 55 different parties to define their needs, to identify our main stakeholders, and to define the relevant actions to be able to find solutions to the challenges of social responsibility in our company.


The CSR division of Servier relies on two bodies:

  • An operational committee to work on CSR projects across all divisions in order to reinforce the CSR culture of the group and to develop communications
  • A strategic committee to direct and plan

Our governance and organization scheme gives us the ability to implement our economic, social and environmental commitments.

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