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Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain is located 70km from Madrid. Our R&D and manufacturing facility has 38 years of experience in fine chemistry, specializing in process development, analytical development and manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes use the most up to date production equipment and control techniques.

Products & Services

Process Development
Intermediates Manufacturing
Analytical Services

Our recently constructed pilot plant has two industrial units of production, for chemical non-GMP and GMP batches manufacturing for raw materials up to API production. Our highly experienced team provides a comprehensive range of chemistry services and support for your project.

Our clients benefit from customized service and support for each stage of the project. We have the manufacturing capacity for your project and a dedicated team to help you.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom synthesis
  • Chemical & technological development
  • Flow chemistry process development
  • Organic chemistry — More than 20 different chemical reactions, including crystallization
  • Pilot batch manufacturing
  • Scale-up development to process industrialization

Analytical Capabilities

  • Analytical development
  • Identification of chemical impurities
  • Analytical techniques
    • Chromatographic methods: LC, uHPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC-HS
    • Potentiometric assay
    • IR potentiometric assay
    • UV spectrophotometry

Regulatory Dossier

  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD)
  • Common Technical Document (CTD)

Process Safety Assessment

Key Equipment

R&D Lab:

  • Glass reactors: From ml to 5L

Pilot Plant:

  • Reactor: 25 to 1,650L — glass, enamel, stainless steel, pressure reactor (250L, 10 bar)
  • Isolation: 1 Nutcha filter dryer (0.4m3) and 1 centrifuge (8m)
  • Drying: 1 ventilated oven (150kg load), 1 Biconic dryers (0.6m3)


  • Reactor: 500 to 8,000L (enamel and stainless steel)
  • Isolation: 3 Nutcha filter dryers (up to 4m3) and 4 centrifuges (up to 1m diameter)
  • Drying: 4 ventilated ovens (60kg load), 2 Biconic dryers (up to 0.7m3)
  • Solid transformation: miller and mixer
  • Distillation: 2 units (up to 11m3)

Facilities Capabilities


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