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Servier offers you the flexibility of 16 state-of-the-art manufacturing sites worldwide.

Gidy, France

Gidy is located near Orleans, 100km from Paris. The site was built in 1972 and has 4 production units: two dedicated to dry forms, one dedicated to liquid and spray forms nearby in Fleury-les-Aubrais, and one additional unit that is currently being transformed into a biotechnology unit, launching in 2019.

Products & Services

Clinical Supply
Drug Product
Supply Chain

Gidy Guided Tour

We constantly apply improvements to our equipment, organization and processes with prominent results on lead time (-30%) and production cost (-14%).

We are inspected by global regulatory agencies an average of 6-8 times per year, and have a proven track record of success in regulatory inspections. We apply our high standards across all aspects of manufacturing processes.

Our clients benefit from customized service and support for each stage of the project. We have the manufacturing capacity for your project and a dedicated team to help you.

Key Capabilities

Our services include the following key capabilities:

  • Scale up manufacturing
  • All analytical services (chemical, microbiology)
  • Manufacturing of dry forms
  • Packaging
  • Distribution into 150 countries

Key Equipment

  • Single-pot granulator from 50L to 2000L
  • Traditional granulator with fluid bed dryer or oven
  • Tableting/capsuling equipment
  • Packaging equipment for small batches and high-runner product
  • Serialization/aggregation equipment
  • OEB4

Facilities Capabilities


Billion Tablets Produced