InnoONE™ Innovative High Potent Drug Product

InnoONE™ is part of a fully integrated CDMO service from Servier, offering end-to-end support to bring your high potent product to market. Building on a foundation of more than 30 years of experience at our Arklow facility in Ireland, including over a decade in high containment activity, we have installed a new, state-of-the-art OEB5 suite at this location, enabling manufacturing to <1μg/m3.

The new suite was designed and engineered to maximize containment using a 3-tier approach – covering each piece of equipment, each room, and the self-contained suite itself. This optimizes process efficiency and risk mitigation, so your project moves faster with no compromises in exceptional quality and reliability.

At all times, quality is at the forefront of our InnoONE™ high potent service. A dedicated team operates the high containment suite, expertly guiding every project. Throughout the process, we are client focused and our single product philosophy means the entire suite is dedicated to one client and project at a time.

One suite. One client. One product. InnoONE™ by Servier. Your #1 choice


  • Brand new, innovative OEB5 high containment suite (<1μg/m3)
  • 30 years of experience on site & 10 years in high containment
  • End-to-end support for high potent product launches
  • Focus on engineered containment reduces the level of PPE needed by operators and speeds up your process
  • One product philosophy – suite is dedicated to one client at a time
  • Flexible batch sizes
  • Automated and contained cleaning systems
  • Highly stable CDMO committed to long-term partnership


  • Process Optimization
  • High Containment Manufacturing
    • High Shear Wet Granulation
    • Solvent / Aqueous Granulation
    • Top Spray Granulation
    • Bottom Spray Granulation
    • Bottom Spray Layering / Pelletizing (Flexstream System)
    • Direct Compression
    • Fluid Bed Drying
    • Tableting
    • Tablet Coating (Aqueous / Solvent)
    • Tablet Printing
    • Capsule Filling (Planned in Phase II)
    • Flexible Batch Size Capability
    • Fully Automated & Contained Cleaning Systems
  • Packaging
  • Serialization & Aggregation
  • Analytical Services
  • Distribution (Easy Access By Air & Sea)

Expertise in Oncology & High Containment

Servier is committed to oncology and high potent manufacturing through it’s own pipeline. Arklow is Servier’s second largest site and has a 30-year legacy, including 10 years in high containment. InnoONE™ integrates with other capabilities across 9 sites, including our InnoPrep™ technology for purification of HPAPIs down to OEB5.

Servier is committed to long-term partnerships and brings you know-how from commercialization of 50 molecules over 60 years. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence. Let us bring that excellence to your high potent project.