Servier is a global pharmaceutical company that brings 60 years of expertise to its embedded contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).

About Servier

Why CDMO Services from Servier

There are many reasons to consider embedded CDMO services at a large pharmaceutical company. You want to protect your molecule. There is no better way than by engaging years of know-how, embedded quality and understanding of your project objectives. Servier brings these strengths to our integrated development, manufacturing, packaging and supply chain services for drug substances and drug product. We have 16 facilities worldwide and we have launched more than 50 commercial products. Your product can benefit from our experience and resources. Servier manufactures 27 billion units per year. Our embedded CDMO business represents protection for your molecule.

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Embedded Quality

Access to a quality culture that has supported more than 50 products launched over a 60-year period


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Embedded Know-how

Your project benefits from our management team longevity, which brings deep industry experience and effective, responsive decision-making

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Embedded Reliability

We will treat your molecule like it’s one of our own, protect your IP, and provide an exceptional customer experience


Servier offers a comprehensive range of integrated contract services to protect your molecule through clinical and commercial manufacture, from lab to pilot batch through scale-up to marketed product manufacturing.

The benefits of choosing embedded contract development and manufacturing services from Servier include:

  • Leading pharmaceutical know-how
  • Proven quality track record
  • Experience and understanding of project objectives
  • A streamlined regulatory pathway
  • Global flexibility with 16 manufacturing sites
  • More than 50 products commercialized over 60 years
  • 250+ experts in industrial R&D
  • 21,000 employees, with 3,000 dedicated to R&D
  • Present in 148 countries

Your product can benefit from our experience and resources.

250+ Experts in Industrial R&D

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